Broken Home Family – A Note From a Member of a Broken Family

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Sometimes it is hard, to live a life in a broken-home family. A family where we should feel love, peacefulness, being secured and many other good feelings are away from imagination. Are you a single parent child because your parents divorced since you were a kid? Or day by day you watched your parents quarrel each other for even a small problem? Don’t worry you are not alone.

Since I was a little kid, I have lived with my mother. My father and mother have divorced when I was a baby. My life was full of pressure; I had to be someone great and made my mother proud. But with all of the stressful pressures, sometimes I gave up, sometimes I run away, sometimes I used drugs to free myself from all the stressful life, sometimes I got drunk, sometimes I stole to eat and many things. Fortunately, in the middle of my frustrating life, I found my spirit again, a spirit to move on for a better life. A friends of mine ever asked me “will you live a life like this for the rest of your life?” and I just silent, not a single word out from my mouth. I made contemplation since that point on. I used to blame my parents for what happened to me. I blamed them because I didn’t have what other children have. But now, I’ve started to stop blaming my parents, I have a life to live, a bright future to embrace and no time for sadness and frustrating emotion for my past. Friends, if you born in a broken-home family and you are still doing anything as I did in my past, now let me ask you the same way my friend ever asked me, “will you live a life like that for the rest of your life?” take your time to contemplate it. Blaming your parents for justification for your current condition are useless, it does not give any changing to your condition. Leave your bad habits, from one bad habit to another bad habit. Say to yourself, that you are the one who is responsible to your life, not other people.

From this point on, just open your mind and accept that you part of the broken home family. After that, have a commit to yourself that you will struggle to have a good life. Many friends out there are ready to help you if you need them, just open your mind, share to person whom you think able to help you and also open to any suggestions and critics from them. Suggestion and critics are there to build you to be a better person. Life is great when we give our best to chase it.


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